How secure is my communication in

The video and audio communication in an room is only visible to participants inside a room. It is not possible for other users to listen in to the communication unless they are present in the room themselves, in which case they will be visible for everyone in the room. It is possible for anyone who can guess a room name to enter an open room. If you want to prevent others from coming into the conversation, you can lock the room by clicking the lock button in the menu. No new participants will then be able to enter the room.

All communication between your browser and is transmitted over an encrypted connection (SSL). Video and audio transmitted in the service is sent directly between the participants in a room and is encrypted (SRTP) with client generated encryption keys. In some cases, due to NAT/firewall restrictions, the encrypted data content will be relayed through our server. We take pride in collecting and storing as little user data as possible in the service. We believe that these properties make one of the most secure and eavesdropping-resilient video conferencing services around.

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